dRoller is an on-line RPG dice roller suited for play by forum, play by e-mail and many other play by stuff around the web.

why it's in English?

English is the default language used by software/web developers all around the world. This application is being builded as a Ruby on Rails learning practice. English facilitates sharing doubts and solutions among fellow programmers.

Anyway, dRoller can be also available for your language and regional settings. Contact me if you wish to collaborate this way.

Otherwise, Google is your friend.

where did it come from?

Do you mean the idea? I use to play RPG by forum, and always wished an easier way to share dice rolls among players. Althought it's very common over the web, I could not find any command-line based dice roller with embedded results available.

The technical knowledge, and base layout, for dRoller was scaffolded from Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. If you are into web development and don't yet knows Rails it's a nice place to start.

who are you?

I'm a Brazilian Data Processing Tecnologist guy who loves RPG. Once I used to play the real stuff: dice, pen-and-paper style, friends gathered around a table, some cola, chips and lots of laughts. But now, I'm just a former RPG player that relies on the Internet to carry on with his nostalgic nature.

I'm currently working as Educational Analist in the Education State Secretary of Minas Gerais at the Regional Education Superintendency of Leopoldina, and had recently earned my lato-sensu post graduation degree on Educational Tecnologies at PUC-RJ. Guess what? My Final Paper was:

The RPG and the Web 2.0 in School

Unfortunatelly it's currently available only in Portuguese. If this is not a concern to you, you can check it here.

wasn't it named dRoll?

This application was originally hosted at droll.heroku.com domain. Later, due to Heroku's hosting politics changes, it was moved to droll.marcelo.furtado.blog.br.

With the new domain name, droller.tk, the roll sharing link was considerably shortened, what by itself justifies the application's name change.

Thank you for reading so far,

Marcelo Barreiros Furtado